Tom’s Take. 5 things I noticed while watching the Eagles vs. Cowboys SNF


These team’s have along history, they have been playing each since the 60’s.  In the first ever meeting on September 30th 1960 in the Cotton Bowl, the Eagles won by 2 points!  Thus setting up one of the most historic rivalries in the NFL.  But lets get to my 5 takeaways!


1. Dak Prescott.

Dak completed 18/31 for 145 yds and 3 int. .  He also only ran the ball 2 time for 10 yds.  He did have a good connection with Dez Bryant. Bryant had 14 targets and caught 8 for 63, a solid day from a #1 wr.   He did a good job of spreading the ball around, he found 6 different pass catchers, but none of them really did anything with the ball after the catch.  It was a tough day to watch the Cowboys.  Hes been struggling the last 2 weeks without Zeke and Tyrone.

2. Missing Pieces

Ezekiel Elliott, Tyrone Smith.  We all know about the Ezekiel suspension. Actually Alfred Morris has done a pretty good job replacing Zeke, the one thing missing is Zeke’s breakaway speed and pass catching skills, however Alf average 5.35 ypc against a tough Eagles defense.   But I think the loss of their All-Pro left tackle is a bigger hit to this offense than the suspension of Zeke.  Over the last 2 game the left tackle has been an open swing gate.  It hasn’t matter who Dallas has tried at that position, nobody has been able to slow down the opposing teams defense end.

3.  Philadelphia Defense

This is a pressure front 7, with opportunistic defensive backs.  This front 7 is kept fresh by rotating players every few plays.  The secondary is getting healthier and only going to create more and more turnovers.  In this game the front 7 took about a half of football until they wore down Dallas offensive line.  Dak had a very small window to get rid of the ball. When he did most of the passes were off the mark, leading to 3 int and a fumble.  A good showing for the defense led to Dak having a bad day.

4. Philadelphia Running Game

Ajayi, Blount, Clement, Wentz, Barner.  These guys were on point!  They lit up the Dallas defense for a total of 215 rush yds and 2 tds.  They averaged 6.5 yds a rush.  When u can run the ball that effectively, it makes play action passes DEADLY.  The Eagles are second in the league in rushing offense, they average 144 yds per game rushing— they are only going to get better with the addition of Ajayi.  By the way Philadelphia has 4 games this year with 193 or more rushing yards!!!

5. Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz, one of the better young quarterbacks in the NFL. He has lead his team to an NFL best 9-1 record.  In this game, he completed 14/27 with 168 yds and 2 tds, also converted on 2, 2pt conversions.  It wasn’t a great day for his offensive numbers, only completed 52% of passes and held to less than 175 yds passing.  A solid showing in a heated rivalry.  He made plays when they needed him to, and he handed the ball off to a very good rushing attack.  While many people have Carson Wentz as a lock for MVP,  I however, think an old GOAT from New England deserves it more.


Well there you have it, Tom’s Takes from Sunday night football.  5 things I noticed from the Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys.


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