Tom’s Take. 5 things I noticed while watching the Packers vs Steelers SNF

Prime time Players of the Week

Julio Jones 12 catches 253 yds 2 tds

Alvin Kamara 5 rushes 87 yds 1 td, 6 catches for 101 yds 1 td

Rob Gronkowski  5 catches for 82 yds and 2 tds

Philip Rivers 27/33 for 434 yds and 3 tds


First off, I want everyone to know that I am a Green Bay Packers fan, I have been since the late 80’s-  I started following them when Don Majkowski was the quarterback.  For those that don’t know, he was the qb right before Brett Favre.  Ok, lets get down to business, Here are the 5 things I noticed while watching Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers.

  1.  Brett Hundley Qb  —  He completed 17/26 passes for 245 and 3 tds and a passer rating of 134.3.  This was by far his best game as an NFL player.  He was impressive in the short to intermediate areas.  He was able to find the open man, and allowed them to get the yards after catch–  as evident by the long touchdown plays from Randall Cobb(39 yds), Jamaal Williams(54 yds) and Davante Adams(55 yds).  The downside however, Pittsburgh sacked him 4 times and used a spy to stop him from running the ball.  Pittsburgh also won the game on a last min 53 yd field goal.

2.  Davante Adams  Wr / Jamaal Williams Rb  —  Wide receiver Davante Adams has become Hundley’s goto receiver.  Adams earned 35% of Hundley’s targets.  He also collected 5 of his 9 targets for 82 yds and a touchdown.  Jamaal Williams was the running back in this game because everyone else was injured.  He filled in admirable, 21 carries for 66 yds and 1 td, and also collected 4 catches for 69 yds and a td.  In my opinion he was decent, not great, not bad just ok.  Williams seems to make plays when the team needed him.  My co-host on the podcast Chase McCoy, felt like Jamaal Williams was killing it.  His running style, keep the Pittsburgh defense off-balance and allowed the other pieces of the offense to make plays .

3.  Packers Defense  —  This defense put up a valiant effort against one of the league most explosive offenses.  They forced Ben Roethlisberger to throw 2 interception and forced a fumble, they also sacked Ben 1 time.  Ben seemed to have all day to sit in the pocket and pick apart the secondary.  The Packer’s had no answers for LeVeon Bell or Antonio Brown!  Those 2 All-Pro s combined for 22 catches 257 yds and 2 tds.

4.  Pittsburgh Offensive Line  —  This offensive line was dominate against a banged up Packers defense.  They allowed Pittsburgh to average over 5 yards per rush, and only gave up 1 sack.  This unit was the unsung hero of the game, they gave Big Ben the opportunity to sit in the pocket and pick apart the Packers secondary.  Again my co-host, Chase McCoy seemed to have a concern that Pittsburgh plays down to the level of competition–  they lost to Bears and Jaguars, barely snuck by the Browns and Colts.  And this game should have been an easy victory for them, Pittsburgh was favored to win by 14points!

5.  Pittsburgh Offense  —  As I mentioned in the previous article, I expected this offense to score points.  The Packers were missing some key play makers on defense and really struggled to get pressure on Big Ben.  Big Ben completed 73% (33/45) of his passes, for 351 yds and 4tds, LeVeon was the workhorse back, he carried the ball 20 time for 95 yds, he also collected 12 passes for 88 yds.  Antonio Brown was great in this game he caught 10 balls for 169 yds and 2 tds, one of those catches was a toe tapper along the sideline to setup the game winning field goal.  The Packers hung in there against a very tough team and almost snatched a victory, but in the end this trio of Ben, LeVeon, and Antonio prove to be too much, and Pittsburgh Steelers won a well fought battle.

Quick Hitter

In Kansas city’s 6 wins Kareem Hunt averages 20 carries for 111 yds.

however in the 5 loses he averages 13 carries for 56 yds.


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Written by Tom K.


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