Tom’ s Top 3 Fantasy Football Tight ends for Week 13

And finally, this article will be all about ranking the tight end position for week 13.  Just like before, I will not be including any players that played Thursday nite or the top 3 player at the position.  That includes, Jason Witten, Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce or Zach Ertz.  Now down to business.  My top 3 tight ends for week 13…….

Tight Ends

  1. Delanie Walker  Hou @ Tenn  —  Walker makes this list for the 2nd time this year, he is a reliable target for struggling qb.  He has at least 4 catches for 63 yds in the last 5 games, that’s pretty solid.  I’m all for starting this guy.

2.  Kyle Rudolph  Minn @ Atl  —  Mr. Rudolph posted a very good game last week, he caught 4 balls for 62 yds and 2 tds.  He has caught at least 4 balls in 7 straight contest.  He has become a reliable target for Case Keenum in that Vikings offense.  While four balls a game doesn’t seem like a lot, it means he is a valuable asset in this offense.  I expect another game of 4-6 receptions with 60+ yds and td.  This game has the look of a shootout, and I want as many players as possible in those types of games.

3.  Jared Cook  Nyg @ Oak  —  This ranking is based purely on the fact that the Ny Giants have given up a touchdown to tight ends every week except last week.  I expect that trend to restart, as the Raiders will be without their 2 best wr.  Cooper is in concussion protocol and Crabtree is suspended for this game for his involvement in an on-field altercation.   Cook has averaged 5 target per contest, but I can see that number doubling in this contest.  If this guy gets 10 -15 targets in this game I can see him producing a 7 catch for 120 yds and  2 td game.  The opportunity is there!!!!



  Jack Doyle  Indy @ Jax  —  Doyle has been Jacoby Brissetts’ security blanket,meaning— when ever the qb gets into trouble he tries to dump the ball off to this tight end.  An example of this is last weeks game in which Doyle collect 7 balls for 94 yds against the Tennessee Titans.  In the last meeting with Jacksonville, Doyle had a stat line of 6 catches for 44 yds.  Jacksonville does a great job of limiting opposing wide receivers, but the are not as good against tight ends.  I expect Doyle to have another solid game against a tough defense.



I’m going to give you 3 players to sit this week, a bit of a bonus.  Greg Olsen, Coby Fleener, George Kittle.  Each of these players is dealing with some type of injury. None of these players can be trusted to perform this week.  Olsen may have some long-term value but this week you can bench him..  Fleener is out with a concussion, and Kittle is returning from an injury with a new quarterback at the helm.  None of these guys is startable in any type of league.  Go look for better match-ups or situation, but stay clear of theses guys.


That’s all the time I have, Thank you for reading!  Please share and comments or question in the comment section below or post on our facebook page on 816podcasting.


Written by Tom K.


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