Tom’s Take 5 things I noticed while watching SNF Philly @ Seattle


Alex Smith @ Jets   19/33  366 yds 4tds 1 rush for 70 yds

Alvin Kamara @ Saints  9 rushes 60 yds 2 tds  5 catches 66 yds

Tyreek Hill  @ Jets  6 catches for 185 2 tds

Travis Kelce @ Jets  4 catches for 94 yds and 2 tds


Alright, let’s get down to business.  There are 5 thing I noticed while watching Sunday Nite Football–

  1.  Carson Wentz was under pressure all night long.  In fact he was under pressure on almost 60 % of his drop backs.  Seattle sacked him 3 times but he was still able to complete  29/45 passes for 348 yds 1 td and 1 int. He added 30 rush yds , but lost a costly fumble while heading into the end zone to score.  Wentz really struggled in the first half of this game, he went into half time with just 45 yds passing!  He was able to get the offense going in the second half, mostly on the hands of Nelson Agholor.
  2. Nelson Agholor had a career game.  He was targeted 12 times, caught 7 of those balls for 141 yds and a touchdown.  Agholor has really found his home in the slot.  With Alshon Jeffery getting the opposing teams best cornerback, and Torrey Smith getting the #2 cornerback, that allows Agholor to run routes against the opposing team 3rd corner back or their coverage linebacker.  This allows Agholor to make plays when the Eagles need them.  He had a great game!
  3. Brandon Graham is a sensational defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Seahawks offensive line had NO answer for this man!  He was consistently in the Seattle backfield making plays and harassing Russell Wilson.  On the day, Graham finished with 4 tackles, 2 sacks and 5 quarterback pressures.  That is a really good day against a mobile quarterback such as Russell Wilson.  On a side note, the Eagles had some horrific penalties that extended drives for Seattle.  More than half of the Eagles penalties gave the Seahawks a first down.
  4. Frank Clark, a third year defensive end out of Michigan, was one of the main reasons Carson Wentz was under pressure in this Game.  Clark is mostly a situation pass rusher in the Seattle defense.  So his job is to put pressure on the opposing teams quarterback, and he sure did that—  Clark had 5 qb pressure and 2 sacks on Carson Wentz.  He was a factor in the outcome of this game.
  5. Russell Wilson did not put up huge yardage numbers in this game but he did pass for 3 touchdowns.  On the night he was 20/31 for 227 passing yds  and also had 31 rushing yds.  He continues to BE the offense for this team, he is responsible for 29 of 30 offensive touchdown on the season.  That is remarkable!!!  Another note of interest, when was the last time a quarterback has led his team in rush attempts and rushing yards in a season.  Wilson currently has 71 attempts, 2 more than Eddie Lacy.  And 432 rushing yards, the next closest is Chris Carson with 208 rushing yards.


3 Division in the NFL has 3 teams with a .500 record or better.

NFC SOUTH–  Saints 9-3  Panthers 8-4  Falcons 7-5

NFC NORTH–  Vikings 10-2   Lions 6-6   Packers 6-6

AFC WEST–  Chiefs 6-6   Chargers 6-6  Raiders 6-6,   by the way, the Broncos have lost 8 games in a row!


That is all I have for this game.  I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this. Please leave comment or suggestion in the box below or hit me up on Facebook, or twitter, also check out he 816podcasting group page on FB.  Thank you!


Written by Tom K.

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