Titans Conquer the Chiefs on Wildcard Weekend

Before we get started on the game.  Last week I used my girlfriends netflix binge to open up a few articles.  This week I am going to use my DVR list to open this article.  Currently I have 22 episodes of Dr. Who in my que.  Right now I am watching Season 9 episode 8.  The Zygon Inversion. This series started in 1963, it has 26 seasons and 840 episodes.  For those of you that never watch an episode of Dr. Who it is a Sci-Fi show that encompasses the adventures of the “Doctor” and his chosen companion.  The “Doctor” is a type of alien called a Time-lord.  Time-lords have the ability to regenerate into another human form when they incur a severe injury.  The “Doctor” travels through space and time in a blue police box.  This is known as the “TARDIS”. The “Doctor” s travels often lead to planets and civilizations that need to be saved from disasters.   Good Show.




A picture of my girlfriend and I in front of a TARDIS.



Titans 22 – Chiefs 21

I wanted to take a few days to contemplate the Titans vs Chiefs game.  I did not want to over react or under report any aspect of this game.  I also wanted to hear from diehard fans and how they felt after this game.

This was a tale of two halves.  In the first half the Chiefs did everything right.  Alex Smith completed 19-23 pass attempts for 231 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Kareem Hunt had 6 carries for 25 and a touchdown. The Chiefs defense only allowed 1 first down! The Chiefs were up 21-3 at the half.  The Titans were reeling and looking for answers.  Then calamity struck, Travis Kelce the Chiefs tight end suffered a concussion and Chris Jones the Chiefs defensive end injured his knee. Both of them did not return for the game.

In the second half the Chiefs struggled to generate any offense.  In fact the Chiefs offense only ran 21 plays for 56 total yards.  The loss of Travis Kelce really hurt this offense.  Kelce’s injury allowed the Titans defense to focus on stopping Tyreek Hill.  Alex Smith was constantly blitzed and never connect on any big plays.  Smith only completed 5 balls for 33 yards in the second half.  Kareem Hunt also struggled in the second half, he ran the ball 5 times for 17 yards.  Harrison Butker the Chiefs rookie kicker missed an 48 yard field goal attempt.  Only his third missed field goal attempt of 40 or more yards on the season.  Dick Lebeau the Titans Defensive Coordinator made all the right second half adjustments.

As for the Titans they found a groove by using an up tempo offensive attack. Without Chris Jones in the game the Titans were able to convert 7 of 7 attempts on third down.  Marcus Mariota the Titans quarterback was able to make plays when needed.  He even caught his own tipped ball and scored a touchdown.  Mariota was also responsible for making a key block in the fourth quarter to help seal the game.  Derrick Henry was successful at running the ball.  Henry accumulated over 150 yards from scrimmage in the second half.  He averaged almost 7 yards per carry in this game!  Everything went the Titans way in the second half.  They scored on three consecutive drives and finally taking the lead with 6 minutes to play in this game.

Many Chiefs fans thought this game was over at the half.  However some of them were skeptical of the Chiefs chances of winning.  The Chiefs have a history of blowing home playoff games in spectacular fashion.  Strange things seem to happen in the playoffs at Arrowhead Stadium.  Kansas City Chiefs now own the 2nd worst win percentage in the playoffs. They have compiled a 8 – 15 record in the playoffs, only the Cincinnati Bengals have been worse in the playoffs with a 5-13 record.

     In my opinion, the Chiefs lost this game because of injuries.  It wasn’t Alex Smith, or Kareem Hunt.  It wasn’t Andy Reid and his play-calling.  It wasn’t Harrison Butker and his missed field goal attempt.   Let me say this, when Travis Kelce and Chris Jones were in the game, the Chiefs were up by 18 points.  Without those two players the Titans scored 19 straight points and won the game.  It was another heartbreaking loss for the KC Chiefs and their fans.

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts about this game.   Please feel free to leave a message or get in touch with me on facebook or twitter.  Thank you for reading I appreciate you taking your time to read this.  Check out my other articles and blogs.

Written by:  Tom K.


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