The Big Game!!!

“The Big Game”, “The Whole Enchilada”, “Best of the Best”, “The Big Showdown”.  You can call it what ever you want.  The final game of the NFL season is known as the Superbowl.  This years Superbowl featured the Philadelphia Eagles versus the New England Patriots.  Both team’s finished the regular season with a 13-3 record and clinched the #1 seed in their respective conference.

The Eagles got into the “Big Game” by riding the hot hand of Nick Foles, their backup quarterback.  Carson Wentz, the starting quarterback for the Eagles, was injured in week 14.  Foles stepped up in week 15, and lead this team to 2 victories and a meaningless loss in the final game of season.  He really ramped his game up in the playoffs.  Check out these stats: Foles completed 49/63 attempts for almost a 78% completion rate.  He accumulated 598 passing yards 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.  Foles averaged an incredible 9.2 yards per pass!  His team converted 16/27 third downs for a 60 percent conversion rate.  They were successful on their lone 4th down attempt.  They scored on 3/5 red-zone trips.

Tom Brady willed his team into the Superbowl.  A true competitor and the one of  “Greatest of all Time” at the quarterback position.  Brady compiled 627 passing yards on 61 of 91 pass attempts good for a 67 completion rate.  Brady had 5 touchdowns and zero interceptions.  He averaged 7 yards per pass, solid but not spectacular.  The Patriots converted on 48 percent of third downs, 14/29 attempts. They were 1/1 on fourth downs.  They also converted 8/9 red-zone trips.  Tom Brady accomplished all this at age 40!

Alright, let’s get to it.  This Superbowl was record-breaking.  There was barely any defense in this game.  Each team had a turnover, there was only 1 sack, and only 1 punt, we had 2 missed pats, and a missed field goal.  This was an entertaining shootout of a game.  74 total points.  Both teams offense moved the ball at will.  In fact the offense’s broke several Superbowl records including:  most combined yards 1,151, most passing yards in postseason game Brady- 505, most points scored by a losing team – 33 Patriots, most passing yards in Superbowl -874.  We had the first player to throw and catch a touchdown in the Superbowl – Nick Foles, he also became the first quarterback to catch a touchdown pass in the Superbowl.  In total this game resulted in 15 new Superbowl records.  Amazing!!!

Nick Foles and Head Coach Doug Pederson had an aggressive game plan, and they executed it perfectly.  This aggressiveness was evident throughout this game,  especially on the trick play in which Nick Foles scored a receiving touchdown.  Eagles converted 10/16 third down plays and were 2 for 2 on fourth down tries.  Eagles running backs average 6.1 yards per carry.  LeGarrette Blount, a former Patriot led the way with 14 carries for 90 yards and a touchdown,  Sweet revenge.  The Eagles wide receives were led by Nelson Agholor, he had 9 catches for 84 yards and seemed to make every third down conversion.  Defensively, Jalen MIlls led the way with 6 tackles.  However the defensive star was Brandon Graham, he got the only sack in the game and caused a fumble.  That play pretty much sealed the win for the Eagles.

Tom Brady was phenomenal in this game.  He completed 28 of 48 passes for 505 passing yards and 3 touchdowns.  Brady also had an opportunity to catch a ball on a trick play, but the ball just tipped over his out-stretched fingertips landing incomplete.  James White lead the running backs with 7 carries for 45 yards and a touchdown.  As a whole the running backs averaged 5.1 yards per carry.  Pretty solid.  The star wide receiver was actually a tight end, Rob Gronkowski caught 9 ball for 116 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Defensively, Patrick Chung and Devin McCourty led the way with 6 tackles, but Duron Harmon was credited with the only interception of the game.  In the end these Patriots came up short in their quest for a 6th Superbowl win.

The final score of the game was Eagles 41 Patriots 33.  With 1 minute and 10 seconds the Patriots got the ball back and needed a touchdown and a 2 point conversion to tie the game.  Brady matriculated his team to the 50 yard line and threw a Hail Mary that fell to the ground.   The Eagles had been underdogs in every single playoff game this year.  They felt disrespect and used that angst to become Superbowl Champions.  Nick Foles was named the Most Valuable Player.

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Well, the “Big Game” what can I say.  Tremendous.  Great game.  I want to congratulate all my readers that are Eagles fans.  It’s about time the Eagles won a championship!  Well Done.

That’s it, time for me to go.  I appreciate everyone that took the time to read this.  Please leave a comment below or follow me on Facebook or twitter @ThomasKarlac.  I would love to hear from you.  Thank you all— it has been a great season.

Written By: Tom K